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The camera was WAY to jumpy! And your smoke and etc effects lines were way to thick. ending was way to climatic, it was liek rawr rawr rawre punch kick ahhhh then it was like freeze.

interesting combination

I guess when you cross Mario with madness you end upo with a good video. Animation could have been better, but it was entertaining. Loved the references

caught it

I loved the It's a Nice Day Today parody i caught it right away. im liek wait..... SUN ATTACK!!! But then god did :(
Nice job


I felt the beginning was slow and lacked humor, but it was good enough to keep me watching, and then it picked up and became more interesting once the spider fight started.

Emptygoddess responds:

That's much better then if it started out good, and then was lame for like twenty minutes. Glad you enjoyed.


Animation actually seemed well done, except they sprites were so small. You should use a dynamic camera, have it move around and make the sprites take up most of the screen. It would be easy to do with this final project too.




See the problem with many people on newgrounds is how they expect flash to be a perfect artform. This is on the front page because how its like a classic flash. Old school flashes never were so. They made you laugh, addressed a point, or were just fun. look at Tom's old work and heres my point.
This flash was well animated, background was good, and it involved fbf animation. Might not have been the most amazingly drawn, but it made me smile. Its a happy flash, and the author was serious about making it. Good job.

Best one yet

I can;t wait for the 5th episode. Its funny because the animation is sub par, voice acting sucks, and drawings suck, but yet its an amazing movie that was well put together with a rather engaging story. Just goes to show you animation is not all about how well you animate. It brings you back a few years to when the animation tools were not as advanced and this would have been considered top notch animation. Back then videos like this were amazing and highly rated. Good job, finish it off with a bang.

Dude Seriously....

One of the best and most well made series on newgrounds. Everything said in my last review for pt 1 is the same. It did seem rather shorter. I would have combined all parts in one swf file though. It is difficult but possible. And yah the girl is kinda ugly. She was way hotter in trailer. I cant wait for part 3.

btw Im assuming that was a EMP? Could you give some background in the author comments to what is going on?


One of the few 10s I give in reviews. I remember the teaser from a while ago, and this surpasses my expectations by a considerable amount. I love how you captured the issues of todays world. The best thing about this video was. I felt I was in the movies. There was not a single moment I thought of being bored or anything. You had my attention the entire time. I was in the movie. VERY WELL DONE. I hope the following episodes are just as good if not better. Amazing animation sound effects and music btw. There was not a single flaw, other then the lady's face could have been more attractive :P

I recently started with flash. I love animating drawing and 3d modeling.

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