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The camera was WAY to jumpy! And your smoke and etc effects lines were way to thick. ending was way to climatic, it was liek rawr rawr rawre punch kick ahhhh then it was like freeze.

interesting combination

I guess when you cross Mario with madness you end upo with a good video. Animation could have been better, but it was entertaining. Loved the references

caught it

I loved the It's a Nice Day Today parody i caught it right away. im liek wait..... SUN ATTACK!!! But then god did :(
Nice job

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i love this game

been playing for 2 days, i managed to get 57:50 as my fastest time. Awesome game

fun game

Very un-epic end though. It just kinda was like ok fade out....... Not even the princess is in another castle joke or anything. The fact that it was button mashing was both a con and a pro. I would have liked a kick and punch attack, and I felt the entire game was me holding up and a direction while smashing the "a" Key. Although I did enjoy the updated feel of a classic run through level jumping on as many heads style as possible. The fighting was smooth and pretty fun. Great effects and animation. I liked it.

did not work

I could not get past TV/Movies

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This was awesome, I was just skimming along and I hit this. I stoped and turned my volume and just sat back listening to this. You captured the my inner attention. Somehow I could relate with it. I don;t know but i loved it.


10/10 I dont give many. Very nice, brought me back to the good old days, when games were FUN to play. By far my favorite RPG game.

I like 28 seconds on.

The first 28 seconds could be fixed up a bit. I like the ending it makes it seem sad, or kind of depressing, O KNOW what is going to happen next. Ending should have continued.

I recently started with flash. I love animating drawing and 3d modeling.

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