Entry #6


2008-12-05 06:57:55 by sabooya

Seriously whats wrong with newgrounds? I posted up a joke vid between me and my friends, and I received several messages from people threatening me and belittling me. I don;t take it serious of course, because they probably are 11 year olds who think they own they world.
Blamming was ment to stop spam, and pointless animations, however it seems it has been abused by people just to get a higher score, ie. "VOTE 5!!!!!" And such its not really effective. I love how people can look at tom's old stuff and be liek AMAZING BEST STUFF EVER. But if someone else made a video just liek it, they would threaten them and blam the submission. People don;t make sense.
I'm fine with the fact that it was a blammed submission(wasn;t that great anyway", but why on earth did everyone have to send me these messages...?
I thought newgrounds was a place for "Everything. By Everyone." Seems to be kind of selective in who everyone and everything is.


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2009-01-20 15:29:23

You're completely right. The noobs have invaded NG!


2009-01-22 15:22:53

that newgrounds flamers and spam groups unfortuanatley